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FTI Smart Farms

At the heart of FTI Great Marketing is a very clear and principled code of conduct – one we expect all employees, contractors and management to live by every day. We operate under a genuine value system—our pledge—that demonstrates integrity, respect, ethical behavior, perspective and honesty as a foundation for everything we do.

Smart Fertigation

Smart Fertigation is one of the key solutions of FTI Smart Farming. This automated fertigation system enables every grower to master fertigation at a professional level.​


Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation helps farmers to avoid water wastage and improve the quality of crops growth in the field, by irrigating at the correct time, minimizing runoffs and other wastage as well as determining the soil moisture levels accurately.​


Smart Greenhouse

A self-regulating, micro-climate controlled environment is created through the use of sensors, monitoring and control system that optimize growth, ultimately automating the growing process.

Project Pembangunan Peneroka (PPP) located in Bukit Rokan. Negeri Sembilan
The government of Malaysia has allocated about RM 1 billion to assist FELDA settlers.
In conjunction with Agriculture Transformation, chili farming in Felda Bukit Rokan  will be incorporated with GAP such as utilize IPM as well of low toxicity chemicals in P&D, and also greenhouse with SMART system to assure high production and good quality.
The use of this IoT smart farming system coincides with our mission to provide premium quality products and services to our esteemed customers.
This is the first smart farming site, once PPP Bukit Rokan successful, it will replicating to 24 sites of whole Malaysia.
Total land area of 77 acres, our main crops are chili. Other target crops are sweet corn, tilapias, papaya and other green leave vegetables. 
The system is built for monitoring the crop field with the help of sensors and automated fertigation system. In terms of environmental issues, the system can provide great benefits including more efficient water usage and optimization of inputs and treatments. Smart farming will enable farmers to reduce waste and increase productivity.
Greenhouse, are built to grow chili in order to control environmental such as rain, temperature as well as pest and diseases.
Each greenhouse can accommodate 500 poly bags. 
For phase 1, 160 units of greenhouses will be installed, total 80 000 poly bags of chili to be planted and divided into 4 age group for constant monthly supply about 25 to 30 tonnes. We currently use SAKATA F1-461 of hot chili in this project. We open for potential customers to  engage contract farming with us for second phase.

For more information:
Kindly contact our consultant - Mr. VK - 012-4097899

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