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Durian Kaya from home farm @ Dusun

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Story of our durian kaya

Prior to the production of this ‘MUSANG KING DURIAN KAYA’ product, the owner had learned culinary knowledge from his own mother and grandmother. Much of the culinary knowledge that the owner possesses is from the hereditary heritage of the owner’s family.

In March 2020, PKP began throughout Malaysia. For almost two years the owner could not return to the village to meet both parents, let alone taste the cuisine of his beloved mother. Rich durian is the owner's favorite food since childhood. During the PKP period, the owner tried to cook his own ‘Durian Kaya’ based on the heritage recipes inherited to him and distributed to neighbors and close acquaintances. The various positive responses that the owners received resulted in the product 'MUSANG KING DURIAN KAYA' on the market today. Alhamdulillah.

The thing that makes the owners most enthusiastic to produce their own branded rich durian products is because the owner is the heir of a durian orchard that is over 30 years old in Bentong, Pahang. The durian filling used is original without any artificial flavors. The owner's durian orchard is now over 30 years old and has produced durian musang king grade A and is very famous among durian wholesalers around Bentong, Pahang because of the very beautiful and premium fruit quality.

Musang King Durian Kaya is produced in accordance with halal food guidelines and we place great emphasis on hygiene.

In the beginning, we were only a small company established to increase the company's revenue, but now we have managed to penetrate larger markets such as ‘shape, lazada, Facebook and Instagram’.

Most gratifyingly, our Musang King Durian Kaya Products have now successfully collaborated with Koperasi TNB and KPF Niaga Sdn Bhd. This is a very big achievement for us.

Finally, we are very proud of our existing customers who give us all their trust.
To potential customers, we wholeheartedly promise to be the best supplier of heritage food.

' What our customers say about our Durian Kaya? '


Wahh sudah sampai kaya kesukaan 😍 Memang betul² menepati citarasa sy 1 family ni. Packaging yg bagus, kemas. Penghantaran yg cepat. Yg paling penting rasa memang sedappp & kaw rasa durian sebenar tu 😋 Rugi tak sape tak try. Memang betul² puas hati . Thankyou seller inshaAllah repeat lagi ☺️


The best aromma Musing King. Sangat² sedap; tradisional rasa moden, aromma rasa durian sesedap yg mengiurkan. Akan beli lagi slps ini. Recommended, sesuai rasa dgn harganya dan berbaloi utk anda cuba., Sy bg 5 Bintang kredit utk seller ini.


The delivery & packaging is 5 stars! The Musang king kaya tastes like real durian. I believe they use fresh durians hence the strong durian smell & taste! Highly recommended for durian lovers and must try! Overall 5 stars

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